We aim to provide a client-centred service that’s flexible and responsive to the service users individual needs. We arrange every care-plan with our customers to suit them specifically and we are happy to change the plan when required.

When the time comes that you or a loved one require help and support to remain in your own home, funding can often prove to be a tricky topic. There are various methods of funding care in your own home and these will depend on your personal circumstances.

Some government funding may be available for all or part of the cost of care services – we can advise on eligibility and applying for such funding.

home care funding

Private CustomersPeople who fund their own care are by far the largest group of individuals who use our services.

Local Authority – If your local authority assesses you as requiring a care and support service you will be allocated a personal budget.  Your local authority should inform you that this could be paid to you in the form of a Direct Payment.

Direct Payments –  A Direct Payment allows people who have been assessed by a local authority as requiring social care services to purchase their own care and support.

  • Fundamentally, Direct Payments will give you choice. With a Direct Payment you can choose how your assessed needs are met, choose who will assist you to meet these needs and choose what equipment best enables you to meet your needs. La Belle Care Ltd, can assist you in creating a service, which enables you to meet your needs effectively.
  • Since 2009, regulations have allowed direct payments for people who lack the capacity to consent, and for people with mental health problems who are subject to mental health and certain criminal justice legislation.
  • A direct payment can be made to a willing and appropriate suitable person, such as a family member or friend, who receives and manages the payments on behalf of the person who lacks capacity.

If you wish to fund your own care and are in a position to do so please feel free to Contact Us today. We will arrange for our Care Manager or one of our Care Supervisors to meet with you and discuss your exact requirements.